"My readings with Angela Thomas are always remarkable. Her sheer depth and attention to detail keep me returning as a regular client. 
Also noteworthy is Angela's professionalism 
and clarity of presentation. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking some psychic insight."

Jonathan K.
"When it comes to predicting the future, Angela Thomas is the best! I’ve had readings with other psychics and they don’t come close to what Angela offers in a reading. If you want a good reading, I highly recommend Angela." 

Cecilia D.
"My friend gifted me a reading for my birthday. I admit I was a non-believer in such things before my reading. During my reading, I realized she was the real deal. She was very specific. Angela even mentioned a conversation I had with my husband mere hours before my reading. Remarkable!" 
Briana S.
"Psychic-clairvoyant, Angela Thomas is THE BEST psychic I’ve ever come across. The amount of information was incredible. She doesn’t ask you anything other than what your questions or concerns are. After that, she delivers a flow of information. If you want a professional psychic, Angela Thomas is your best choice". 
C. Thompson  
"My first reading with Angela was 18 years ago. She’s covered my business and personal life 
with astounding details. You’ll want to keep her number on speed dial. She’s just that good." 

C. Swain
"I booked a psychic reading party for my bachelorette party. My guests were thrilled to have a reading and we all had fun. She predicted a quick marriage for my best friend, who at the time wasn’t dating anyone. Angela told her she would be married within six months to a firefighter. Shortly after the party, she met her now husband, John, a firefighter and EMT. They married five months after their first 
date. Angela is the BEST!"

Heather H.
"I was absolutely blown away by her abilities! Angela is one of the very best psychics I have ever known and I consult her often." 
"Fifteen years and counting! 
The most reliable psychic to consult."
Jim M.
"When Angela speaks about something, expect it. I like the simplicity in which she explains what is to come and the DETAILS that go along with it are very explicit. After years of receiving sessions with Angela, it always, always comes true." 

M. Santiago
​"It amazes me how detail and accurate Angela’s reading sessions are. Many people asked why a reader needs a reader. Well, we all need one and she is the one I can trust on. A month ago Angela gave a reading base on some issues that I was experiencing at my job. She told me that I was going to advance and involved more on sales. This reading took place on January 6th. Well, on February 13th I gave my two weeks’ notice at my job. I let Angela know what I did, even thought on my reading she said I was going to do a different job and more involved on sales. I was confused about the information she has given me since in my own mind I said I was quitting. 

When the VP of the bank found out that I had taken that decision he had decided to take action about it and was insisting that I stay at the job. I kept saying no over and over, but he never quit on me. My last day on the job was supposed to be February 24th on a Friday, the day before the VP comes to my job to talk to me directly. He was so determined that right there offered me a promotion paying me much more than what I had anticipated. Still I kept my decision to say no until the last day, when I finally decided to stay and accept the job. Well, I guess I’m staying, and Angela you were on target and I thank you so much for all you do. 

That’s why I picked you because you are the best. Blessings!" 

Driana B
"For my bachelorette party, my friend booked Angela to do the readings. During my reading, Angela stopped in the middle of giving me information and said, “The guy you are marrying is not who he says he is.” I was shocked. I told her I loved him and knew him for two years. She then told me that she was some kind of messenger. Angela then told me it would be wise not to mingle my money with his. My choice, but it wouldn’t be wise. Honestly, I was miffed about what she said. 

She was RIGHT ON. Three weeks following our wedding, my husband was arrested for fraud. He had people’s I.D. cards and everything! It was true. Everything she said even down to the - not who he says he is - part. He had several aliases. I hadn’t had time to go to the bank yet with him. I put him off on that. Not that I didn’t trust him. I was busy after being away for two weeks on our honeymoon. I’m no longer married to him.

If you want someone to tell you like it is, Angela is the person to do that."

J. White
"THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough for the reading. You were absolutely SPOT ON. My house sold in the timing you said it would and my daughter did announce she’s getting married instead of moving with us. LOL. I would have never seen that coming, but you did!" 
Gloria C.

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