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"Angela’s readings are amazing!
Recently, I had an upcoming job interview that I wasn’t feeling very confident about it. I called Angela for advice, and she told me that there would be three people involved in 
the hiring process and if I interviewed, I would get a job offer. Later that afternoon I received my interview schedule via email, which contained the names of the three people with whom I needed to meet. Two days after my interview, I received a job offer. I start my new job next week. Thanks Angela!" 
"For more than four years, Angela has been a guiding hand in my important life decisions. I'm a magazine writer, and travel regularly to faraway countries to write about exotic topics. Angela has -- literally every time -- been remarkably accurate in describing the people, things and events I would encounter in the next 6 months to 1 year. She's remarkably good at describing locations and names; days before I met an important man named Bill, for example, she described a new character rhyming with "Bill" meeting me within the week. She's also told me what sort of employment I would land within an earshot of 1-3 months. When I'm plotting a life course, Angela is always a first choice for advice."

"I have never met anyone that I trust more than Angela Thomas. I speak from my heart and soul and knowing her since 2008. She has been my friend, my confidant, my legal warrior, my counseler and more than anything she knows me inside and out and still cares for me and honestly listens to my heart.She is on point each time she has read for me and that is a lot of readings since 2008. 😂💞I have had readings of different kinds all of my life and I am 65 😜✌🏻And I will say it a thousand times Angela Thomas has never been off or given me bad advice. If you want or need a reading call Angela Thomas. She treats everyone with the same in love, spirit and connection that she gives me!! Pure Vida" ✌🏻💞🙏🏻🌈  

"Angela Thomas!!!!! I just received THE CALL!!! ARIZONA /CANADA / COLLABORATION / AGENT = The EXACT future you told us about!!!! I'm not providing DETAILS because I'm not letting ANYONE have a piece of THIS pie!!! THANK YOU FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS OF EXACT KNOWLEDGE!! HERE'S TO MANY MANY MANY MORE TO COME!!!!" 

"Wow is an understatement when describing Angela's psychic gifts. Lately, I keep saying, "Angela said that would happen too." In fact, in the past 3 months, over 25 events have occurred just as Angela said it would. While her accurate and detailed readings are a testament themselves to Angela's gift, it is not this alone which prompts me to write. Instead, it is Angela's professionalism, her loving spirit, and her altruistic nature that makes her such a remarkable person. Angela's gifts are direct from God, and I can not think of a more deserving person to have been blessed with these abilities than Angela. I thank her and her guides for giving me an opportunity to have witnessed her gifts." 
"A psychic reading with Angela Thomas 
is a profound experience. Her words 
validated my current situation and her predictions began to come true within one week of my reading. The level of detail she provides is like none other and I highly recommend her services to those who seek healing, clarity, and guidance." 
"The most accurate psychic there is. There are many psychics out there, and I have been to many, but none have been more accurate than Angela Thomas. If you are looking for a true 
and gifted psychic, no need to look any further. I 
know because I have been her client for ten years."

"Thank you for your reading. It was profoundly accurate on so many levels. Without knowing me you were able to describe people and places and events as if you were right there in the room. You didn't miss a beat. And what was really amazing is your predictions came through very quickly after the reading, within days for some. But most importantly for me, you gave me clarity and peace of mind regarding some difficult aspects of my relationship. You were clear when I was in such a state of confusion. I continue to refer back to our conversation for your very accurate and insightful guidance." 

"I have to admit you gave me goosebumps your reading was so precise. Your accuracy astounds me. Folks Angela was able to see my friend's condition just by her birth month and day. Angela has always been accurate in her predictions even if I did not see the issue yet come to light. Thank you for giving me some insight on what to expect next. I appreciate knowing what the cards see for me so I can make adjustments as needed. I am so glad I attended your classes and am blessed to have the opportunity to meet you in person. Your accuracy is amazing and you are certainly blessed by God with outstanding talent "

"Angela Thomas is one of the most 
amazing ladies I have had the privilege to get a reading from. She was 100% accurate and specific in details. Call her if you have ever been curious about getting a reading as she is the REAL DEAL and the one I would recommend!" 💜
"I've never encountered someone who can read like Angela, time and time again she has brought to light extremely accurate and detailed information which has helped in difficult times or when facing various financial or personal challenges."

​"My very first reading with Angela was 12 years ago. My partner and I was handling a big case and she was able to give me details no one else knew about. Angela is gifted, truly gifted, and the amount of information I’ve received over the years has been astonishing. I highly recommend Angela Thomas." 

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