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Angela Thomas
(636) 485-4814
Psychic Development
Ready to Blow Your Mind?

Learn how to develop your psychic abilities without the stress and frustration of reading through books about someone else’s experiences. 

We’ve all experienced it before – reading psychic development books that use one-half or more of the book describing the author’s journey. You know the kind? The book with a few exercises tucked away at the end leaving you feeling that you’ve wasted your time and money? 

You’re willing to invest your time and money by attending workshops in-person, or online to learn from professionals, but what you need right now may not be available. Or, you’ve watched podcast or taken webinars to learn how to develop your abilities, but what about your questions? What if you need help?

There’s a different way. 

A way that will not leave you on your own trying to figure it out all by yourself. You can sit from the comfort of your own home and actually learn concepts, techniques, and practical exercises that will help you expand your psychic abilities and psychic awareness quite rapidly.

Introducing . . .

The Psychic Development Masterclass Series | Mentorship Program | Workshops

This psychic development and mentorship program will focus on understanding various abilities, using techniques, and practicing exercises to expand your abilities rapidly. These tried-and-true methods and SIMPLE techniques ensure that you won’t get bored, and you’ll actually enjoy using them. Nothing too lengthy or too complex whatsoever. No more struggling with putting the pieces together or trying to figure it all out on your own.

Ideal for beginners and those with advanced skills

Available in 6-week, 12-week or 18-week running programs, you’ll get specific, actionable steps that can be applied immediately. The techniques and practical exercises, if practiced, will help you quickly and permanently improve your psychic abilities, and beyond.

Each class and each course level is designed as building blocks for a successful outcome. You’ll get RESULTS. A noticeable transformation occurs.

And, you’ll learn directly from Psychic Angela Thomas. Since 2004, she's taught psychic development in a number of venues, including in an educational institute. These courses WORK. 

Some benefits from your online learning experience will

Complement formal studies and/or training and development you’ve received
Expand your focus on what is needed to grow as a psychic
Further your development and capacity to work intuitively
Demonstrates your strengths and explores your potential in other areas
Improves your current abilities through practice

Angela says, "I’m so sure my program works, I’m offering you this exercise for FREE to get you started."

One of the most powerful exercises is “The Movie Theatre.” This exercise will not only help you with your own psychic development, it can be used for visualization, telepathy (mind-to-mind communications), clairvoyancy (clear seeing), precognition (the ability to see into the future), and retrocognition (the ability to see the past).

If you PRACTICE this exercise regularly, you will notice a significant difference in your abilities, as well as, the way you function on a psychic level. 

: Get Your Free 'Movie Theatre' Exercise
Start your own psychic journey!
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Courses start soon! 
See 'COURSE SCHEDULES' here, and enroll today.

Psychic Angela Thomas is a Psychic-Clairvoyant. In addition to giving psychic readings and teaching psychic development, she writes the "Ask Angela" column, "Confessions of a Psychic," and books such as her upcoming, "This Psychic Life."
Podcast on Telepathy: "Where's My Mind?" with Mark Gober - Listen
Psychic Development Testimonials
Trusted Psychic in the U.S.
Criminal Casework | Matrix
2-hour, Online Workshops

Individual workshops are currently available. Each 2-hour, online workshop focuses on two disciplines. Part-lecture, part interactive exercises along with techniques.
Masterclass: Psychic Development I - Beginning level, 6-week course include the following:   
• Energy & Psychic Self-protection - (Understanding energy & protecting your aura)
• Meditation - (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Meditating)
• Color Me Psychic - (Color Communicates! Color associations in psychic readings)  
• Chakras - (Color and sound associations to stimulate each energy wheel)
• Telepathy - (Introduction to telepathy; understanding and using communications)  
• Precognition - (Introduction to precognition)  

   Beginning 2020 - See schedule

​    Angela Thomas is wonderful to work with. I've traveled several hours to take a     workshop with her and just finished taking the Criminal Casework: Tracking Missing     Persons & Extended Matrix and it was wonderful!! I can’t express enough how     grateful I am for her kindness and how she teaches from her own experience as a     psychic. I look forward to taking many other class with her in the very near future.     
     -- Stacy Wood
Testimonial for the Online, Criminal Casework: Tracking Missing Persons Workshop
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1-hour Workshops
​Tired of going through long meditations in an attempt to stimulate and open your third eye with little or no results? Stop the madness! Discover simple and quick techniques that will get the results you want.

Third eye work is a valuable part of any intuitive or psychic ability. Learn how to activate and open your third eye through a series of techniques and practical exercises that will strengthen your ability to open and use your third-eye again, and again.

Buy now - $47.00
Group rate saves 20%

Online workshops held on Zoom.com 
Thursday, December 5
Thursday, November 14 - 
Basic Remote Viewing – Protocol & Practice Targets

Learn how to use the basic, remote viewing protocol and practice targets! 

Remote viewing allows you to sense unseen targets (person, geographic location, object, or event) using your extra sensory perception (ESP).

Used by the U.S. Intelligence Community for 25-years under the name, “Stargate,” participants in the program were considered psychic spies. 

Initially constructed by Psychic Ingo Swann who worked with Dr. Hal Puthoff and Dr. Russell Targ (who conducted PSI research at Stanford), remote viewing became an instrumental tool for the U.S. government.

Remote viewing is an extraordinary ability which enhances your own abilities, and it is ideal when used with Criminal Casework: Tracking Missing Persons & Extended Matrix, Precognition, and Retrocognition workshops.

Save your seat!

Materials needed: pen and paper.  $199.00

Group rates - Saves 20%
​Criminal Casework:
Tracking Missing Persons | Extended Matrix 

You hear it every day. People go missing. Whether it is a missing adult or a missing child, you'd like to help find them. 

Now you can. 

Learn how to intuitively track missing persons by using an extended matrix from the arm of your chair. (No need to be in the geographic area of the missing) I'll show you step-by-step what's needed in order to do just that and how you can aid law enforcement agencies and those on the ground in finding them.

Ideal for intuitives, law enforcement, military, and search and rescue teams.

Save your seat! Sign up today! 

Tracking Missing Persons | Extended Matrix - $99.

Add-a-Friend - $49.
Workshop scheduled for the following dates:

  • Wednesday, January 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Central
  • Wednesday, March 4 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Central

Workshop scheduled for the following dates:

  • Thursday, November 14 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Central
  • Wednesday, December 11 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Central
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