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Psychic Angela Thomas
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Seeing is believing

Some years ago, in the early part of a relationship, my then ‘boyfriend’ (I’ll call him ‘F’), and I were riding along St. Charles Avenue close to the Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana. St. Charles Avenue, the richest street in New Orleans, is lined with old mansions, and landscaped in lush oak trees and beautiful foliage one often sees in the Old South.

Setting Intentions and Being Realistic

The subject of manifesting is everywhere! We may read books about it, watch videos on it, or even attend a multitude of workshops in order to learn how to make it work. Some people; however, complain that they are not seeing results.

Adjust your belief system.

It is easy to feel and visualize yourself happy and successful, but maintaining that vision with the same intensity you started out with is difficult to keep.

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Psychic Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas is a professional psychic and clairvoyant, noted over her 20+ year practice for high accuracy and detail. She is a subject-participant in an elite consciousness research study focusing on precognition and Continue

Dear Angela:
My husband and I will be traveling to Wisconsin for Mother’s Day to visit my mom. My mother and I have had our disagreements over the last few years and I would like to know how our visit will go. Mom recently lost her second husband, and when she married him, my relationship with her began to decline. I can say the same about the relationship she’s had with my sisters and brothers. They refuse to talk to her. My mother’s friends and family were all but shoved out of her life as soon as she married. Instead of including us in her life, she shut us all out to please her new husband.

Now that he has died, I am wondering if there is a small glimmer of hope to restore any part of a relationship with my mother. I remember what a wonderful mother she was long before she married the man that was instrumental in destroying our once happy family. Is there any hope for change?  Leslie – 02/24/1970. Mom – 11/19/1945

Dear Leslie:
When it comes to Mother’s Day, do know that your trip to visit your mother will be a pleasant one. Even though she will not be the mother you once admired in your earlier years, she will be more open to receiving you and others in her life. She is currently going through her own changes, over and above losing her husband, and having a familiar face and loving daughter in front of her will help your mother through her transitions.

I am not seeing any debates or arguments, so expect a decent visit full of new beginnings. It will not be the time to rehash old issues or old wounds. Best of luck!

Dear Angela:
My grandmother is the only mother I’ve ever known. My real mother was never in my life, but that’s another story. I am 23 and still live at home with her. Members of my family have been asking me when I’m going to move out. They think I’m taking advantage of her. The truth is that I give her money twice a month. I work a part-time job and go to school. I take care of things she’s no longer able to do. Most of my family never bothers to come around.  I believe my family wants to put her in some kind of home and take over her house. It’s paid for.

When I graduate from college, I hope to be in the position to help her completely. I love her and she’s my best friend. My questions are these: Will staying here allow her to stay in her home? Will my family be able to force me to leave or her for that matter? Crystal – 01/03/1993. Agnes – 07/05/1939

Dear Crystal:
Do not fret over your grandmother losing her home. There seems to be some sort of legal document(s) such as a deed that ensures this. It wouldn’t surprise me if your name isn’t already on the deed itself, and/or assigned to you from an existing will. Since I am not an attorney, it is best for you and your grandmother to consult one.

Your grandmother may not be able to do all of the things she used to do, but she is far from incapable. From what I am getting; intuitively, your grandmother is sharp as a tack. Your family certainly has underestimated your grandmother and her ability to handle her affairs. There will be no problems for either one of you staying in the home. She certainly has a wonderful and caring granddaughter and friend in you.

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