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Angela Thomas is a professional psychic and clairvoyant, noted over her 20+ year practice for high accuracy and detail. She is a subject-participant in an elite consciousness research study focusing on precognition and has gained an enviable reputation for her psychic work in private sessions for individuals, business leaders and celebrities. Her work has also included crime victim location and recovery, and she is a vocal advocate for related causes. 

She is an evangelist for professionalism, standardization and integrity in the Psychic Services Industry through her co-ownership of and collaboration on two groundbreaking websites that embody her ideals. 

Angela is co-founder of YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com, which is a business journal with the goal of helping practitioners with information on what it takes to run their businesses professionally. 

Angela is the host of the show, On the Fringe. She has appeared on George Noory’s television show, Beyond Belief on the Gaia Network. Two of her featured appearances were Exposing Psychic Scams and Don’t Fear the Tarot. She also co-hosted a popular paranormal topics radio show called, P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio on the Paranormal Radio Network for 2 years.

A natural psychic of high reputation, Angela has a deep involvement in developing psychic methodologies and has pioneered several of her own including Three-Dimensional Tarot and her own remote viewing protocol. She teaches psychic development at the college level and has a devoted following of students, many of whom go on to become professional psychics, themselves. She has collaborated with some of the top psychics in the nation.

Angela is particularly fond of appearing at psychic events, fundraisers and private parties where she presents the sophisticated, professional side of a true natural psychic in an accessible way to the general public, and has gained an enthusiastic fan base. She is committed to raising the image of psychic services to the level of professional talent and skill that the latest scientific discoveries are proving actually exist. Toward this end, she has been working with elite physicists and psychiatric scientists in the exploration of human consciousness.

A prolific writer and favorite regular contributor to Brad Steiger’s popular best-selling paranormal thriller anthologies, Angela’s stories can be found in Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures from the Dark Side, the exciting Real Aliens, Space Beingsand Creatures of Other Worlds, and the number one paranormal best seller, Real Zombies, the Living Dead and Creatures of the Apocalypse.

Angela is an Adjunct Professor of Communications for Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, and holds a BA in Communications and a MFA in Writing. A proud product of the New Orleans psychic community, she now lives and works in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area.

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