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Three-dimensional Tarot:
The Art of Gathering Information
Three-dimensional Tarot is an art of gathering information. The method allows one to go into depth to uncover details that would normally be missed when using a more traditional approach with tarot. From simple applications to complex readings, three-dimensional tarot serves as a powerful tool in extracting information. 

Each card can be read a minimum of three different ways, providing a minimum of three different interpretations, and defined under each house, and position. Thus, one card alone becomes 3x3x3, and beyond.

When read in conjunction with other cards, and/or coupled with one’s intuitive gifts, a vast amount of details can be revealed. 

Details such as names, geographic locations, time lines, and unique situations can be found in a layout. Although this method was designed to use all 78 cards in a reading, it works using the basic 10-card layout as well. The more cards you use, the more details you are able to grasp. Even one single card can be interpreted to extract more details to a question or condition.

Whether you are a beginning reader, or experienced psychic, this method is a powerful tool to expand your insight beyond the pictures and traditional approach to the cards, and it will add information and depth to your readings. You will be learning to view each card in a myriad of ways, and thus learn to read three-dimensionally.

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Three-dimensional Tarot:
The Art of Gathering Information

Workshops & Classes:

  • Basic  Tarot vs. Three-dimensional Tarot
  • Major Arcana: One Key at a Time
  • Minor Arcana: It's All in the Details!
  • Meet the Royals: Interpretation & Behavior
  • Position and Houses: Laying the Foundation
  • Aspects, Timing & Geography
  • Combination Reading - The 3-D Way
  • The Value of Your Own Interpretations

      * Topics covered in both workshops & classes include some of the above

Three dimensional Tarot
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