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In 2004, I was teaching a psychic development course inside a small, metaphysical shop along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With 12 students in my class (a perfect number with me making 13), there were equal amounts of students to pair off for practice exercises. One day, the subject of psychometry was being introduced. Psychometry is the ability to hold or touch an object to gain information from its history without prior knowledge of it.

Getting information from objects doesn’t always work. The very best objects are those made of metal as they tend to hold onto energetic memory longer. I had a large, antique bowl from 1849 with a distinct history to it. Each student held it and gave his or her impressions. When the bowl was passed to the last student, the actual shop owner, she seemed out of sorts.

“Why don’t YOU demonstrate psychometry to us, Angela?” Her tone sounded challenging and she emphasized each word that she spoke. I gathered from her tone, she didn’t believe I could do it. “I’ll be right back,” she says and soon returns with an antique, silver teaspoon in her hand.

I told the students that it may or may not work, but I would give it a try. As soon as my hands touched the teaspoon, I immediately began to get information from it. Immediate information isn’t common. Sometimes, if one does get information, it may take a few minutes or longer to start receiving a history. 

As I’m holding the teaspoon, I felt a spirit sit down beside me. Not common either, but I felt immediately supported by this spirit. A student had missed class and the chair beside me was empty. Empty, that is, until the spirit sat down. I heard; clairaudiently, a female spirit introduce herself as Rose.

“Rose is with us today,” I said as I patted the seat of the empty chair. Trust me when I say, I was very surprised by the presence of this spirit. 

I began getting all kinds of visuals. In my mind, I was inside a Victorian style house in the dining room. There was a long, dining room table covered in a beautiful linen tablecloth. The table was set with fine, porcelain plates, cups, and silver. I could see two elderly females sitting there having tea. Rose communicated with me that she and her sister had tea every afternoon at 4:00. Afterwards, I heard Rose say, “Richard. What about Richard?”

Just as quickly as Rose had come, she was no longer beside me. If she was, I no longer could feel her presence, nor hear her communicate with me. I relayed the information about the house to my students, and mentioned some connection with Richard even though I didn’t understand what the spirit, Rose was asking of me regarding him. 

The shop owner glared at me. “Did I tell you about the spoon before?” she asked. 

“No, you didn’t” I said thinking she was going to cause some sort of problem. 

“My friend, Richard brought the spoon to me. He told me his aunt Rose had passed away and the spoon was among the things he had of hers.” I was stunned. She added, “Richard told me that his aunt Rose lived in Biloxi in a historical, Victorian house with her sister. They had tea every afternoon at 4:00 and this is one of the teaspoons she used.” 

The shop owner went on to tell us all about what she had learned about Richard’s aunt Rose. According to Richard, his aunt kept the dining room table covered in linen, and he never remembered a time when the table wasn’t set in fine porcelain.

As long as I have been working as a psychic, I must say, that’s one the most unique experience I’ve ever had interaction with dealing with spirits. 

Rose was generous with me that day, and even sat beside me to give me insights. I can only imagine she was just as generous in her lifetime here on earth.

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