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Testimonials II
Psychic Angela Thomas

"Angela Thomas is one of the most amazing ladies I have had the privilege to get a reading from. She was 100% accurate and specific in details. Call her if you have ever been curious about getting a reading as she is the REAL DEAL and the one I would recommend!" 💜


"Psychic-clairvoyant, Angela Thomas is THE BEST psychic I’ve ever come across. The amount of information was incredible. She doesn’t ask you 
anything other than what your questions or concerns 
are. After that, she delivers a flow of information. If 
you want a professional psychic, Angela Thomas is 
your best choice."

"Wow is an understatement when describing Angela's psychic gifts. Lately, I keep saying, "Angela said that would happen too." In fact, in the past 3 months, over 25 events have occurred just as Angela said it would. While her accurate and detailed readings are a testament themselves to Angela's gift, it is not this alone which prompts me to write. Instead, it is Angela's professionalism, her loving spirit, and her altruistic nature that makes her such a remarkable person. Angela's gifts are direct from God, and I cannot think of a more deserving person to have been blessed with these abilities than Angela. I thank her and her guides for giving me an opportunity to have witnessed her gifts." 


"Angela Thomas!!!!! I just received THE CALL!!! ARIZONA /CANADA / COLLABORATION / AGENT = The EXACT future you told us about!!!! I'm not providing DETAILS because I'm not letting ANYONE have a piece of THIS pie!!! THANK YOU FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS OF EXACT KNOWLEDGE!! HERE'S TO MANY, MANY, MANY MORE TO COME!!!!"


"For my bachelorette party, my friend booked Angela to do the readings. During my reading, Angela stopped in the middle of giving me information and said, “The guy you are marrying is not who he says he is.” I was shocked. I told her I loved him and knew him for two years. She then told me that she was some kind of messenger. Angela then told me it would be wise not to mingle my money with his. My choice, but it wouldn’t be wise. Honestly, I was miffed about what she said. 

She was RIGHT ON. Three weeks following our wedding, my husband was arrested for fraud. He had people’s I.D. cards and everything! It was true. Everything she said even down to the "not who he says he is" part. He had several aliases. I hadn’t had time to go to the bank yet with him. I put him off on that. Not that I didn’t trust him. I was busy after being away for two weeks on our honeymoon. I’m no longer married to him.

If you want someone to tell you like it is, Angela is the person to do that."


"When Angela speaks about something, expect it. I like the simplicity in which she explains what is to come and the DETAILS that go along with it are very explicit. After years of receiving sessions with Angela, it always, always comes true." 

"Fifteen years and counting! 
The most reliable psychic to consult."

"Angela has been a guiding light to me. She is a 
source of inspiration and comfort. I love her readings, the details, and her voice. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a psychic-clairvoyant."
Christina J.

"My very first reading with Angela was 12 years ago. My partner and I was handling a big case and she was able to give me details no one else knew about. Angela is gifted, truly gifted, and the amount of information I’ve received over the years has been astonishing. I highly recommend Angela Thomas."


"I've never encountered someone who can read like Angela, time and time again she has brought to light extremely accurate and detailed information which has helped in difficult times or when facing various financial or personal challenges."

"My readings with Angela Thomas are always remarkable. Her sheer depth and attention to detail keep me returning as a regular client. 
Also noteworthy is Angela's professionalism 
and clarity of presentation. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking some psychic insight."

"My friend gifted me a reading for my birthday. I admit I was a non-believer in such things before my reading. During my reading, I realized she was the real deal. She was very specific. Angela even mentioned a conversation I had with my husband mere hours before my reading. Remarkable!" 

"I was absolutely blown away by her abilities! Angela 
is one of the very best psychics I have ever known and I consult her often." 
Jim M.

"When it comes to predicting the future, Angela Thomas is the best! I’ve had readings with other psychics and they don’t come close to what Angela offers in a reading. If you want a good reading, I highly recommend Angela." 

"THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough for the reading. You were absolutely SPOT ON. My house sold in the timing you said it would and my daughter did announce she’s getting married instead of moving with us. LOL. I would have never seen that coming, but you did!" 

"If I had my choice of all the psychics in the world, I'd chose Angela Thomas every time."
Connie K.