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A Party to Remember!

Planning a Party?
Having a difficult time deciding what you want to do for your party? Worried if it will be a success or not? 

Planning for a successful party can be difficult. Parties are meant to be fun, but often times, they are anything but fun. Perhaps you've hosted a party before that fell flat or attended a party that offered nothing sensational, and left you disappointed.

Say no to those boring type of parties!

Want to excite your guests?
Bring in Psychic Angela Thomas, an authentic psychic to wow! your guests.

Host a Psychic Party
Make your party special with psychic readings by Angela Thomas! Live, in-person psychic readings will thrill your guests. Delight your guests and give them something memorable.

​Create some fun!
Whether it is a girl's night out, bachelorette party, birthday party, corporate event, Halloween party or New Year's Eve gala (or another special occasion), hosting a psychic party brings a unique type of entertainment that is sure to please.

Party Options? No Problem
Choose between two hours or four hours: 15-minute or 30-minute readings for your guests. It's that simple.
Five or more people (up to 12 people) - Private 15-min. readings or 30-min. psychic readings are provided for your guests. 

Do you have more than 10 people? Not a problem. We'll discuss how you wish to arrange your party.

Something in it for the host 
A party gift for you. As a host for your 30-min. reading party, you will receive a free 30-minute reading as a little thank you for hosting a psychic reading party by Psychic Angela Thomas.

Book your psychic reading party
Go ahead. Make it count. Schedule your most memorable party today.

Psychic Reading Party
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Psychic Party
Trusted Psychic in the U.S.
C. Williams: "Best decision ever! Angela Thomas came to a party I was hosting for my best friend and everyone loved it. She was so nice and her readings were amazing! Not only did she read for four-hours, she stayed longer because my neighbor came over and wanted a psychic reading for herself. If you are thinking about a psychic reading party, Angela is the one you want. " 

Mollie M: "If you are looking for someone to help liven the party, Angela Thomas is the one. Her readings were fabulous. She read each guest privately. Everyone had a blast! Loved, loved, loved, Angela!"

Schedule your party
K. Adams – “I booked a psychic reading party as part of the entertainment for a special event never expecting the real deal to walk into the room. I was pleasantly surprised. Her readings will knock your socks off! Our guests loved her.”