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Psychic Development MasterClass 


Psychic Development MasterClass Courses 

There are three, 6-week level courses: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each class runs for two-hours and includes lecture, techniques and fun, interactive exercises to practice.

Each class is designed to provide building blocks throughout the entire six-week period. When students are finished, they will have 12-hours of real instruction, and practice for each 6-week level.

Psychic Development I - Beginning level, 6-week course include the following:  
• Energy & Psychic Self-protection - (Understanding energy & protecting your aura)
• Meditation - (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Meditating)
• Color Me Psychic - (Color Communicates! Color associations in psychic readings)  
• Chakras - (Color and sound associations to stimulate each energy wheel)
• Telepathy - (Introduction to telepathy; understanding and using communications)  
• Precognition - (Introduction to precognition)

Psychic Development II - Intermediate level, 6-week course include the following:
• Telepathy - (Practicing your telepathic abilities)
• Third-eye Training - (Stimulating, opening & using your third-eye)
• Precognition - (Using precognition to predict the future)  
• Retrocognition - (Using retrocognition to see the past)
• Psychic Playroom: - (All fun, no lecture)
• Psychometry - (Getting information through Touch)

Psychic Development III - Advanced level, 6-week course include the following:
• Clairvoyancy - (Understanding your clairs)
• Remote-viewing - (Introduction to remote-viewing)
• Remote-viewing II - (Using remote-viewing for targets and people)
• Criminal Casework - (Tracking missing persons | Matrix)
  Criminal Casework - (Locating a missing person | Live case)
• Everything Psychic - (Conducting a live psychic reading)

What you get. . .

  • 6-weeks: (2 hours each week for six-weeks) – Online Beginning Psychic Development – Level 1 – (a $299 value)
  • 1, one-hour PRIVATE, coaching session – (Zoom, Skype or telephone) – (a $150 value)
  • 1, one-hour GROUP Q & A session – Online – (a $150 value)

        Valued at $599 – Just $499 ($100 off) 
        Add-a friend - $199. 

Live Mentorship Coaching Session and Online, Group Q & A Session
Enjoy a live coaching call: a one-hour private call which provides additional support and training (Skype, Zoom or telephone), and a one-hour, online group Q & A session. Feel free to post your questions prior to this call.


  • 6-weeks: (2 hours each week for six-weeks) – Online Beginning Psychic Development – Level 1 – (a $299 value)

  • 6-weeks: (2 hours each week for six-weeks) – Online Intermediate Psychic Development – Level 2 – (a $299 value)
  • 2, one-hour private, coaching sessions – (via telephone or Skype) – (a $300 value)
  • 2, one-hour group Q & A sessions – Online – (a $300 value)

        Valued at $1198 – Just $998 ($200 off) 
        Add a friend - $499. 

Live Mentorship Coaching Session and Online, Group Q & A Session
Enjoy live coaching calls: Get two, 1-hour private calls which provides additional support and training (Skype, Zoom or telephone), and a two, 1-hour, online group Q & A sessions. Feel free to post your questions prior to this call.

​Start your psychic journey. . . 

Classes starting soon! (See Schedule)

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The Psychic Development MasterClass

Do you want to progress more and 
learn new techniques? 

Do you want a safe place to 
practice psychic development exercises?

If so, you're in the right place.


​I’m Psychic Angela Thomas
I’m a professional psychic who has taught psychic development since 2004.
Many people have attended my six-week long courses and taken individual workshops. They’ve learned easy-to-use techniques which they’ve practiced both in class, as well as, privately. They’ve expanded their abilities. Some people have been psychic practitioners themselves wanting to expand their abilities, while others were beginners and some went onto become practitioners.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, The Psychic Development MasterClass will increase your abilities and psychic awareness.

You'll learn simple techniques to master each area in this accelerated program which will aid you in reaching your goals.

These techniques were designed with you in mind. No more lengthy, frustrating techniques to hinder your progress.

The truth is this: PRACTICING these simple techniques contributes to your successful.

And speaking of that, no successful person started out successful. They gained knowledge and practiced what they learned to become successful. 

Everything you need to know in order to jump start and ultimately master each area will be taught to you through part-lecture (for your understanding), and part-practice (using techniques and exercises) in the class taught live online.

What you learn becomes building blocks for the next level of psychic development.

   You can. . .
. . . easily expand your abilities and use them towards such things as psychic predictions, telepathy, clairvoyancy, 
and much more.

​In just six-weeks (there’s three, 6-week course levels offered), I can teach you what it takes most people a long time to learn, and apply.


Go BEYOND mere book reading!

​✔️ Choose one or all of the three levels of development: beginning, intermediate and advanced.

✔️ Enjoy the ease of learning from your own environment while attending live, two-hour courses online.

✔️ Learn techniques designed to leverage and work in each area of psychic development. 

 ✔️ Master the techniques through practice with easy-to-do exercises that you can practice in the live class and at home.

✔️ Practice a few minutes per day to and watch your psychic abilities expand.

What is offered?
“Angela's class was perfect even for someone seasoned. She brought varied exercises to explore like remote viewing, psychometry, and retrocognition (just to name a few). She comes from experience and has worked with a number of credible sources, which is why students at any level would benefit from her expertise - not to mention the peers you get to meet and study with in a safe manner and environment through her classes. I continue to sign up anytime I see a class I'd like to brush up on or bring new friends to." – Teresa L. Powers
“I met Angela Thomas a few years ago as she was the instructor of a class I took at St Charles Community College titled “ Developing your Psychic Abilities.” I was very new to the subject matter but have been told we all have psychic abilities, we only need to realize it and practice to achieve great results. I soon realized most of the other students were more advanced than I but still felt very welcomed. 

Angela is an excellent teacher and everyone was very helpful with the many exercises we were challenged to complete. It was a very interactive class and so much fun. It was an exciting experience and one I’ll never forget. 

Needless to say, I get hopeful when I receive the SCCC catalog offering the upcoming class schedule. I always look for additional classes Angela could be teaching as I want additional education in this area. My goal is to continue to develop this wonderful gift we all have been given. My hope is she will continue to teach/guide others as she has a wonderful talent that needs to be shared with others.” Kathy Terwilliger Lake St Louis, MO 
Silver Level: 6-week
Psychic Development & Mentoring Program
Gold Level: 12-week
Psychic Development & Mentoring Program
​“I loved Angela Thomas' courses for Psychic Development because I had life changing results. 
 Because of her unique exercises, techniques, and professionalism as a college professor, she taught 
me things I never knew I was capable of doing. 

After the first course I was able to accurately read a classmate I knew nothing about.  
I was shocked to learn for the first time that all the random thoughts and visions I received while 
speaking to someone actually meant something and not just my imagination. After the second and 
third class she taught us how to read energy correctly and identify male or female energy and 
accurately predict what someone was wearing among many other things. By the end of the fourth 
class several of us were able to accurately remote view a location, just by being given the coordinates.  

All of our psychic abilities were getting stronger and stronger with each course. It's 
like learning a foreign language, if you don't practice you lose your ability to speak the language, so 
it was important for me to learn and practice in class as much as I could. 

For years I wanted to development psychic ability but didn't want to waste my time 
and money on a non-professional. I finally found the Psychic Development courses offered by 
Angela Thomas at the local college. 

I highly recommended the course to all my family and friends. I don't second guess myself anymore
and make wiser decisions in all aspects of my life. Angela Thomas' intelligence and vast knowledge 
of all things paranormal is rare to find. The classes are fun, challenging and sometimes serious when learning to locate a missing person but most of all worth every penny.” – Georgia Monica


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