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Predictions - 2016
Timeframe: January 1, 2016 to June 2017
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- J.L. Shoemaker, January 2, 2016
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  • New forms of communication technology rolled out that enhances the way we communicate. (e.g., Faster; especially, connecting, receiving in groups)
  • New technology enhances our way of buying, selling, and trade.
  • New laws prohibiting how we publicly protest and hold demonstrations. (e.g., No protests in public places like airports, hospitals, and certain federal buildings.)
  • Something happens to force U.S. Congress (Something tragic happening due to the lack of taking action) to act proactively, and less passively.
  • Terrorist attack on Washington D.C.  An Explosion of sorts. (e.g., Whatever qualifies as explosion. Feels like an explosive attack on a place.)

  • North Korea attacks South Korea. 
  • Dubai and the United Arab Emirates experiences terrorist attacks.
  • The Middle East ‘explodes’ in new wars and conflicts outside of the war on ISIS; especially, the Levant.
  • Far East Asia is impacted through attacks.
  • New virus from pigs/pork that typically kills pigs now kills people.

U.S. experiences another recession.
  • Israel defends itself and offsets a major attack.
  • Airplane confronted by enemy airplane. Following this incident, it may launch the beginning of a new war.
  • High treason charge on one from within the Pentagon, as well as, one from the executive branch.
  • Volcano explodes launching a series of new activity within other volcanoes. (Ring of?)
  • Late night, television host gives a sudden resignation, or can no longer host the show due to a critical condition or passing.

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