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Do you accept payment arrangements for readings? 
Unfortunately, I don’t offer payment arrangements for readings. One must pay for his or her reading prior to or at the time an appointment is given.

I own a business. Do you ever take trade? 
Yes, I do take trade whether it is a product or service that you offer. The trade must be of equal value to the psychic reading you choose. Feel free to email me with your proposition.

If a shorter reading is ordered, may I extend it once my time is up?
Honestly, that depends upon my schedule demand. I would be more than happy to accommodate an extended time, if possible. I would suggest that you consider how many questions and/or areas of concern you would like addressed, and base the time needed for a reading from that.  

I’m interested in taking psychic development with you. Do you offer private lessons? Are there more subjects you teach privately vs the subjects you teach publicly or online?
I do offer private lessons in psychic development, as well as, in-person classes and online workshops. Yes, I do offer more subjects for online, private lessons and/or mentoring. Feel free to contact me to inquire more about private lessons. Please include what areas you are wishing to cover. 

I've been doing psychic readings for five years. What level of your psychic development courses should I begin at? 
You will begin at the first level course: Psychic Development I - Beginning. Whether you are just starting out or your an experienced psychic, everyone starts at the beginning. Why? Because even though you may know about some of the subjects, this is a development course which allows you to learn my simple and easy to use techniques along with exercises which are known to help you expand your abilities.  

​Do you do overall general readings, or by questions only?
No, I do not offer general readings. I prefer to have a more focus-based reading session vs an overall, general reading. During your reading, you may get information beyond what you are asking me to look into. This occurs if I’m being drawn to it. In order to make your reading more productive, specific questions and/or areas of concern can be asked at the time of your reading. The time it takes for you to ask your questions will not go against your session time with me. By asking specific questions prior to your reading allows it to be more productive and cover what you are interested in knowing vs what you are not concerned with.

I’d like a psychic reading in person. How do I arrange that with you? 
I rarely offer in-person readings any longer. I offer telephone or online readings in 15-minute, 30-minute, and one-hour sessions. Online readings are conducted on Skype or Zoom and a video cam is used should you decide you want to "see" me. I understand that many people want to experience being around a psychic, or they believe that an in-person reading is better. Since I’m “just the messenger,” I don’t work off of someone’s physical energy. In the cases that I do see people to give a reading, it generally occurs at a special event.

Are you a psychic-medium? 
Although I have psychic mediumship abilities, I don’t offer that as a solo session. It simply isn’t my forte. I do, from time-to time, deliver messages during a psychic reading, but that isn’t too often. I’m best known as a psychic-clairvoyant which gives me the ability to see in the past, present and near future. 

What's the average wait time for a psychic reading with you?
The normal wait time differs. If a time slot opens up (e.g. reschedule), I will book you as quickly as I can. If possible, I will not run a long waiting list.