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Angela is a psychic-clairvoyant who teaches psychic development, and three-dimensional tarot.
Angela is a noted psychic which appears on radio and television.
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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Often times, when I teach psychic development, I ask my class this one important question: Do you truly wish to develop your psychic abilities? You can imagine the stares I get from those who have enrolled in my classes considering that is what they signed up for. I already know that some students in my classes are there for entertainment value vs learning how to develop, and which ones will devote the time and attention needed to do so. Toward the end of my development classes, there is a noticeable difference between those who practiced the work, and those who did not put much time into it at all. 

Some people may argue that one doesn’t need to develop their psychic abilities. After all, some argue that they were born with a natural talent, and therefore, need not develop something they already possess. I’m here to differ with those who make this claim.

Honestly, everyone is born with psychic abilities. Not everyone is able to maintain those abilities throughout their lives. This may be due to the culture they live in, their own belief systems as they age, or listening to others who claim that there is no such thing. And, if there is such a thing, it must be from the devil. Between cultural pressure and fear of what others think, many people dismiss their abilities, and seldom, if ever, return to use them.

Like any ability, developing one’s skill level is important. For example: A person born with the inclination to become a great surgeon doesn’t automatically acquire the knowledge and skills to perform surgery. It is a learning process. So, too, is learning and developing your own psychic abilities. 

You can be one or the other: A psychic scribbler or a psychic Picasso. What determines which one you’ll be is the amount of time, commitment and dedication you put into psychic development.

The difference between those who develop their abilities, and those who do not, are vast. Many learn how to access information, give details, and deliver messages, while others merely go on a “hunch,” and offer an opinion. If you are a professional psychic already, I’m sure you are dedicated to your work, and are keeping up your skills, and constantly learning new things. That’s what experts do.

We already know that working in the psychic field is not mere child’s play. It is a responsibility one has toward others by being capable of handling the work he or she is hired to do. If some have not developed their skills, they are not able to truly help those who seek them out.

I can only encourage you to keep up the good work and develop your skills to the highest of your ability. Find resources in your local area, or online, to help you. Take classes, read books, and work with others so you may learn, and continue to learn, throughout your professional careers as psychics.

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