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Psychic Angela Thomas
Get into your future
"I know, I know, but. . ."

I must confess that my some of my clients have asked me to make a decision for them. Quite frankly, that isn’t my role. My role as a psychic is to merely provide information and near-future insights. A person then can decide for him or herself what is best in any given situation.

I differentiate between my role as a psychic, and “as Angela.” You see, “as Angela,” I can offer you my opinion which I don’t give in readings. As a psychic, I merely give information.

Not too long ago, I had a client call me and ask “What shall I do?” She wanted me to tell her what she should do, but I never broke my own ethical code with her. I gave her psychic information. Information, I might add, that she didn’t want to hear. She merely wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it, and how she wanted it. (Let’s compare it to fast food ordering through the drive-thru:

“I’ll have one cheeseburger, fries, and the answer I want to hear.” She defended why she desired something so wrong for her. “I know it’s wrong for me to do x, y, and z,” she said. “But. . .”

I wondered why she wanted a reading when she had already determined that she would move forward regardless of the information she received.

When I finished my reading, and we talked a few minutes outside of my role as a psychic, she asked for my opinion, “as Angela.” I was so taken back because I knew she expected me to agree with her very wrong decision. I very much wanted to give her my opinions since the psychic information was fresh on my mind, but I decided not to. It wouldn’t have made a difference. I merely asked her “Why are you choosing to make a decision that you know will only lead you to disaster?” (Imagine you telling someone if they jump in a fire, they will get burned, or worse.)

“I know, I know” came the reply. “But. . .”

Seldom does a client, who is fully aware of all factors in a particular situation, and who has received psychic information, ignore the obvious.

I must confess that I simply don’t get it.