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Psychic Angela Thomas
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​I must confess that there was once a time when I didn’t understand how to ground myself and protect my aura. As my abilities began to come in, I still had no idea how to deal with other people’s energy. At first I noticed my sensitivity to crowds. After getting “zinged” a few times, I stay away from crowds. I literally would feel physically ill. Then came my sensitivity to even going to a store. Again, I had no idea about energy, nor did I know I had to protect my aura. I spent nearly a year and a half avoiding going any place I didn’t absolutely have to go to. Once I learned about grounding and protecting myself, I ventured out a bit more.

Venturing out a bit more didn’t mean I could stay around large groups of people for too long. I quickly found myself looking for the exit door. It wasn’t a phobia against crowds or some phobia of leaving the house, this was an energy that often felt irritating to me and I was going to avoid it at all costs. Perhaps it was the collective energies of a lot of people in the same area that affected me the most. If you’ve ever walked into a place and immediately felt like “no way,” I’m not staying here, it’s the same, irritating energy that I’ve experienced which seems to settle into the solar plexus and chakras. There is some spirits, too, that I’ve picked up on their energy and not all was good.

Having said all this, managing my sensitivities to others has been learned the hard way. I rarely have the time to see people in person when I do psychic readings for them, so most are done by telephone or through Skype. I ground and protect myself before doing readings even on the telephone. There’s been a few times when I’ve been in a hurry and have forgotten to before picking up the telephone, and I’ve paid dearly for that, too. It could very well be the retrocognition part of a reading, or a precognition of a reading that taps into a certain type of energy. Regardless, it happens. If you offer any sort of telephone readings, or even if you simply have to speak to a lot of people in person, or on the telephone a lot, I highly recommend you learn to protect your aura.

If you are like me in this area, being around someone in person who has a mental illness or mental disorders is almost unbearable as well. It’s a sticky or sandpaper-like feel and I want to distance myself from it immediately. I believe many negative entities are attached to someone with mental illness (they feed off the energies of the ones who are afflicted), and I immediately recognize when someone has some sort of mental challenge. 

We all experience energy exchanges on a daily basis. Even talking to a neighbor or friend, if not protected, can cause problems. How many times have you been speaking to someone and suddenly felt pain? Let’s say, you begin feeling a head ache while speaking to someone, and that person says, “I’ve had a headache all day and can’t get rid of it.” What’s your answer? Me, too! Or, you may have woke up in a wonderful mood and all is right with the world, but after speaking to someone (let’s say about the weather), you suddenly feel sad and don’t know why. It could be that you’ve just picked up on that person’s real, emotional energy. When we’re asked or we ask others, “How are you?” we generally get or give ‘fine’ for the answer. That is, even if we don’t feel fine, that’s what we say. Most people; especially, acquaintances and strangers, will not reveal if they are depressed or going through significant challenges.

Whether you are starting out on your own intuitive journey, or learning about energy; hopefully, you’ll begin a grounding and protection routine daily. Trust me when I say, it really works.

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