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I must confess that being a professional psychic comes with a lot of responsibility. The responsibility can feel heavy, at times. How I interpret the information I receive is just as important as the messages I give. One of the things I have learned to do, and I find this most helpful, is to keep my own logic and reasoning on the side, and allow myself to be guided. In other words, to deliver the message(s) I'm getting no matter how odd it may sound. When I teach psychic development, I urge my students to give what they get and leave their own logic out of it. I would urge you to do the same if you are a practicing intuitive.

Trust me, there are times when I don’t want to deliver a certain message when the message seems very unusual. My own logical mind questions it. Telepathically, I’m asking, “What?!” Sometimes, I deliver the message I feel is pressing, and other times I don’t. 

Many of my clients have heard me say, “Call me crazy, but. . . ,” and I deliver that message no matter what. It’s because I feel pressured to do so. I’m being urged to “just say it.” So, I say it. Nine times out of ten, I get an immediate confirmation from the person I’m reading, or shortly following the reading itself. That type of message is important for my client to pay attention to regardless of what may or may not seem significant.

There are some messages I won’t deliver. I won’t deliver any messages that are going to cause tremendous stress or anxiety, nor will I deliver messages regarding death. These are things that simply disturb one’s peace of mind and I’m not doing that. My job isn’t to cause people to worry. I care too much for people to do that to them.

I’ve heard that some psychics give a doom or gloom forecast. That’s done on purpose. They do it in hopes that the person will be so disturbed, he or she will call them back and pay for another reading session. It’s totally unethical. Still other psychics don't bother to test the spirit(s) when they are getting nothing but negativity, and continue to repeat all negative information. Many times, that information is incorrect. That's unfortunate because the individual seeking their insights are totally in need of reliable information. 

I do deliver messages which may go against a client’s own desired outcome. No ‘drive thru’ answers. “I’ll have a hamburger, fries and the answer I want to hear that I’ve paid you for.” It’s not going to happen. To me, it’s unethical to go along with a client’s wish when I know it’s not going to be that way.

There are some clients/people that desire something so badly, they pressure others to bring their desire about. They're fine with manipulating others if it makes them feel better. When they do that, they drive others away, resulting in the least desired outcome and quite the opposite outcome at that.

Ultimately, people are responsible for their own choices. Hopefully, if they decide to move from one path to another, they expect a new challenge or outcome; good or bad. 

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I must confess I've noticed a change in retrocognition. I should say, my own abilities to tap into things of the past. Most of my experience to work retrocognitively has been within hours, days, weeks or months; sometimes, a year and a half backwards. But it would be a couple of requests to go further back that would bring a new recognition to time and the ability to tap into it. 

It actually started about three years ago. I was asked to look at an old cold case that happened nearly 20 years ago. I have never been asked to go back that far. Honestly, I didn't think I could tap into it, but when I went in, I was able to get information. Can that be repeated on something else that happened 20 years ago? Who knows? That's the funny thing about time when looking at things 'psychically.' Time overlaps and it is experienced as all being in the same space -- existing all at the same time. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had an unusual request to read on land. Yes, that's right -- land. What was necessary was to use retrocognition along with remote viewing. I found that I went way, way back. Not only was there Native American life back then, but then slavery came up as well. Two different time periods in the past. I was surprised that I was able to experience two periods of time, plus the present time, too. Sounds crazy, I know. I typed out what I received (I give what I get no matter what), and the following day, I received confirmation regarding Native American and slave history on the property. I was thrilled to receive confirmation so quickly. It gave my own retrocognition experiences validation.

This work that I do is often as intriguing to me as it is for my clients. I don't generally recall what I say (thank goodness, the land request is in writing), but when I hear clients call me or email me with confirmations, or call to remind me of something I said, it is then (not in psychic mode) that I'm fascinated by what is being relayed to me. I must confess, I LOVE this psychic work.
​I must confess that I’m used to taking late night calls. Generally, the calls are from acquaintances or clients who reach out just to talk or to have a sounding board to bounce their feelings or ideas on. Not all calls are so easy to take. Some people cry as they explain their hurt or despair. Others merely want to hear the sound of my voice as they claim it’s soothing to their ears.

These are the people who forget the hour, who call from various time zones throughout the world. I know when I reach to answer the phone in a half-awake, half-asleep fog, that something really is pressing on their minds. I answer, if nothing more than to listen to them, or to keep them from losing their minds. I answer, too, because I already know the news or confirmation that’s about to be officially delivered. Some are excited to share the confirmation and others are shocked that it happened. 

At times, I hear, “I’m not calling for a psychic reading, I’m just reaching out because I know you know the real me, and I need to tell you x, y and z.” Other people say I’m calling to see what your first available appointment is.

Regardless, I take most late night calls. It’s not the healthiest thing for me to do. Other psychic peers have advised me to ‘set up boundaries,’ and that’s all fine, if I didn’t worry about the person calling. Answering the call comes with the territory. Maybe one day I’ll learn to let go.