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Borrowed Thoughts

I must confess that I often feel I work with borrowed thoughts. Imagine someone whispers information in your ear to pass along to someone else. You hear it, you feel it, and you pass the information along to the person you were asked to share it with. Later on, that person comes back to you and either a) ask you additional questions about what you told them a long time ago, or b) tells you that you told them specific information. After you hear what you told them, you simply don’t recall that you said it.

Whenever I do a psychic reading for someone, I don’t recall what I’ve said previously. During the reading, I remember, but when a little time has passed, I don’t remember at all. (For the most part.) I’m not sure why this happens. It may be because I’m in a different state of consciousness, and the spirit bypasses my ‘logical’ state of mind, to deliver the message – through me, of course.

I often say that “I’m just the messenger.” As a messenger, it’s as though I have borrowed thoughts. I receive the thoughts, visuals or feelings from my spirit guide(s), or a spirit in the afterlife. Whatever those thoughts are, they don’t belong to me. It’s an exchange of energy which temporarily comes, and goes. The information doesn’t stay in my conscious memory.

At the end of each evening, I am always grateful for the information that’s given me, and happy that I’ve been able to pass along borrowed thoughts. I know it makes a tremendous difference in the lives of many. That’s why I do this work.