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Dear Angela:

I have a crush on my best friend’s fiancée. I think I’m in love. My friend Garrett, and his fiancée, Maria, have already set the date to be married in July. I’ve known Maria for years and we went to school together as children. Honestly, I’ve never had feelings for her until the past six weeks. Should I tell Maria how I feel? What will be the outcome if I tell her? Will she leave Garrett for me? Jim: 02/12/1994 – Maria: 09/03/1993

Dear Jim:

It is not a good idea to share your feelings with Maria. If you decide to do so, you will not like the outcome. Not only will she break off her friendship with you, so will Garrett. Your current attraction to Maria is just that – attraction, not love. Between right now and the next six weeks, it is a good idea to make yourself scarce. By doing so, will allow you to separate yourself from your attraction to Maria, and it will let the happy couple prepare for their upcoming marriage. On another note, you do have someone special coming into your life between August and October. You will be glad you did not interfere with the relationship between Garrett and Maria. Maintaining their friendship will indeed continue to benefit your life as you have benefitted theirs.

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