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Dear Angela:
I have a dilemma. My boyfriend, Greg, wants to work for my company. He’s been out of work for two years. I’m in need of someone to help me expand my business but I don’t feel he’s the right person for the job. It requires a lot of time with sales and marketing. Not something I get that Greg really wants to do. Besides, he’d want more money than I can afford to pay him. If I don’t hire him, I’m afraid this will put a strain on our relationship. Can you see what’s around the corner for us? Will this situation cause us to split up? Nancy – 01/12/1972 – Greg – 10/09/1968

Dear Nancy:
Regarding your situation with Greg and whether or not he will go to work for your company, he will not end up doing so as an employee. Although I do see a bit of strain on your relationship over hiring him or not, I don’t see the two of you splitting up. In fact, I see a job coming in for Greg around the May/June time frame. From what I’m getting, Greg could be an asset to your company; experience-wise, and if you wanted to, you can hire him as an independent contractor until he accepts a position in the coming months. Good luck with everything. It all works out.

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