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Psychic Angela Thomas
Get into your future

Dear Angela:
I haven’t been honest with my husband. I’m seeing my former boyfriend. It wasn’t my intention to have an affair, it just happened. I’ve been married for two years and I’m wanting to get a divorce. My boyfriend says he’s not ready for marriage and that I should stay with my husband. I’m really confused. Will I get a divorce? Will my boyfriend change his mind about getting married? – Jasper: 11/13/1981 | Husband: 02/26/1978 | Boyfriend: 07/18/1980

Dear Jasper:
You are currently in your ‘Lovers’ cycle, and when it comes to your decisions about your marriage and your relationship with another, you are choosing between the two. That's what you are thinking about and what you should do. Let me be honest with you though. Your husband will find out about your affair and your marriage will be over. Between right now and the month of October, a legal situation [assuming legal separation or divorce] will already be in progress. I am not seeing you or your husband continuing the marriage, nor an option for reconciliation.

As far as your former boyfriend changing his mind about marriage, he will not change his mind within the next 12 months. His focus is more about his career and stabilizing his life. This boyfriend is not the one meant for you. Hopefully, you will not waste too much time trying to convince him otherwise.

Dear Angela:
I am currently a student in my sophomore year of college. After I get my Associate’s degree, I will decide on what college or university I want to move onto. My parents think they have it all figured out for me, but everything they suggest is the opposite of what I want to do and where I want to go. I haven’t told them yet, but I want to move out of state to Florida. My boyfriend has a scholarship at a university there and we have plans on getting our own place once I arrive. Do you see me living in Florida? Are we going to get our own place there? Jenny: 04/24/1998 | Ryan: 08/03/1997

Dear Jenny:
Not only do I see you living in Florida, but I am seeing you there between now and January 2018. Although your parents have other things in mind for you, I do not see them restricting your ability to move there. Do know both you and Ryan will share a place together; however, it will not be until October before that can take place. The best is yet to come.

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